PR Smarts Article: Story Telling is Powerful Public Relations!

How do the world's most visible companies and brands get that way? By telling stories that are memorable and compelling.You can follow their lead. Telling your organization's story will help potential clients remember you when it's time to buy. Story telling is the essence of great PR. First, good stories are entertaining and easy to recall. Second, story telling personalizes your company and makes you stand out from your competition.

All stories are about people; that's how we as humans interpret information. Data points are fine, but we have to be able to translate facts into usable knowledge ("How does this affect me and other people?" "How can I benefit from all of this?").

How do you tell your story in a way that people will remember you? Here are some tips:

-- Appeal to head and heart - the analytical and emotional. "Clients love working with our team." "We havehelped clients grow their businesses by as much as 25% per year." "We make people's lives better." "Our staff is creative in both work and play; it includes a number of talented athletes, adventurers, musicians and people active in important causes."

-- Create a separate company story page on your website and insert personal storiesinto staff bios. What is interesting and colorful about your company and its people?

-- Use context. How does your story help me understand why your service or products better than your competitors'? Why should I want to do business with you?

-- Give me just enough detail and get to the point quickly. And - no jargon. Speak plainly.

-- A bit of name dropping is OK. If you do work for the U.S. Navy, the Smithsonian,NASA, National Geo, high-profile opinion leaders, trade associations, retailers, or hot high-tech firms, you probably can do a good job for me.

-- The press and their audiences love anecdotes. Frame any story idea you pitch to media or other audiences    with compelling stories. Maybe they'll want to write about your business because of all the lessons you've learned in both mistakes and successes.

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