Total Strategic Communication: The Big Picture: RDC works to ensure that any PR activities are in perfect synch with your organizational objectives.  No template solutions.

Media Relations: Tell Your Stories! RDC has successfully placed thousands of our clients' stories in the press.  

Create Powerful Messages:  Helped hundreds of organizations create and use highly effective messages. 

Targeting Your Key Audiences: One of the first steps is to help you identify all of your audiences and determine the best media for reaching them.  

Creating Great Story Ideas:  The next step is to identify all of the great stories in your organization and match them up with reporters who will be interested in covering them. 

RDC Writes Everything: Writing is a company specialty. Press releases, electronic newsletters, marketing materials, white papers, presentations, ghost-written industry articles, taglines, messages and ad copy. 

Social Media: Use the right social media tools at the right time to create a strong and sensible ROI.

Media Training: Book tailored sessions to train your executives and managers in a firm but friendly way to face the press. Get ready for print, TV or other interviews. 

Website Content: – RDC writes and re-writes entire websites.  

Workshops:  RDC Communication conducts fast-paced workshops for you and your team: Winning Press Attention, Business Writing; Presentation Skills, Interviewing and many other topics.

Please contact us to find out how RDC can help your organization get more visibility - and grow.
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